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World sucks, let's change it!

Global warming, the destruction of the earth and nature suck. It sucks that food wasting is still a thing while there are people starving.

It sucks that mankind was able to fly to the moon while we haven't yet managed to provide regular access to education, clean water and food for everyone. What sucks most is, that our every day life might be part of the reason for all that.

We want to face this responsibility and try to stop the aberration and create possible solutions to all those problems.

But what's the strategy?

Build schools

The key to a fair dispersal of resources is education. Our aim is to share knowledge and strengthen an undogmatic education worldwide. To reach this we want to build schools in less “developed” and regarded areas by supporting and planning in cooperation with the communities.
By encouraging and involving local communities as well as their knowledge and resources we want to create a self-developing ecosystem that is based on respect of behaviors and can succeed and extend itself into new areas and projects.

Plant Trees

Climate change is NOT an invention of the Chinese. By land restoration we want to give back natural environment for plants and animals within cities and work against the monoculturalisation on the country sides.

Help those who help

Help those who do good

We are IT-People. We know how to set up websites, target and communicate the audience and we can consult on different IT-solutions. A lot of stuff which isn't foreseen in the budged of an NGO. That's where we step in.
We offer free assistance in the following fields

  • Webdesign and Hosting
  • Database Applications
  • Customer/Volunteer Applications
  • Planing anc conception of humanitarian projects


Stuff we build


The first Social Web OS

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supermassive CMS

A PHP Lightweight CMS


Ecuador Tracking

Tracking App for environmental education in Ecuador


A simple PHP-PDO database wrapper

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A Service that creates a webshot of any URL

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A JS Class for creating Forms

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People we work with


Sea-Watch is a private initiative founded in 2014 by a group of citizens, dedicated to putting an end to the dying on the Mediterranean Sea. After the end of Mare Nostrum operation in the Mediterranean Sea three business partners from Germany decided to found the non-profit NGO Sea-Watch e.V., which since then is rescuing refugees and boats from the sea.

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Flüchtlinge Willkommen (Refugees Welcome) is a digital platform that brings flatshares and refugees together (physically). The team supports decentralized housing solutions for refugees all over Europe, to bring them together with locals for flatsharing.

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Die Insel hilft is a charitable organization for voluntary refugee support in Hamburg–Wilhelmsburg.

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Flüchtlingshilfe Aurich

Flüchtlingshilfe Aurich is a charitable organization for voluntary refugee support in Aurich, Ostfriesland (Northern Germany)

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